Barcelona Jewish Film Festival


The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival has been held in Barcelona since 1999. The event came into being to support and promote Jewish culture, so closely linked with Spain’s history. This is one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe devoted to Jewish topics. A wide variety of audiovisual works, shorts, documentaries and feature films are presented at the festival, encompassing the broadest field of genres and trends.

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival

The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival arose out of the vocation to make known and disseminate Jewish culture that is so closely linked to the history of Barcelona. The Barcelona Jewish Film Festival has become a reference. No other in Europe has known the continuity and growth that the Barcelona Jewish Film Festival has. Films of proven quality have been programmed, including Salomon & Gaenor by Paul Morrison and Promises by Shapiro, Goldberg and Bolado or the winner of best documentary in 1999 The Last Days by James Moll, produced by Steven Spielberg.

2002 – the last film by Ettore Scola, Concorrenza Sleale was programmed, as well as The Believer by Henry Bean and Taking Sides by István Szabó.

2003 – retrospective of the award-winning Israeli documentary maker Avi Mograbi.

2004 – we were honoured by the presence of the president and vice-president of the Abuelas de Plaza Mayo and Memoria Activa. Screenings of Prisoner of Paradise nominated for an Oscar as best documentary, and Persona non grata by Oliver Stone.

2005 – premiere of the documentary trilogy Bait by Amos Guitai, in collaboration with the MACBA and with assistance of the director.

2008 – we should mention Meduzot by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen, Golden Camera at the Festival de Cannes; Beaufort by Joseph Cedar, nominated for the Oscar to the best foreign language film 2008, and Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival 2007 to Joseph Cedar; and the premiere in Barcelona of Knowledge is the Beginning by Paul Smaczny, Emmy Arts Programming Award 2006, Prize to the Best Arts Documentary at the Banff World Television Festival 2007.

2009 – the outstanding Toyland, by Jochen Alexander Freydank, a little masterpiece that deserved an Oscar, the Best Film Award at the Festival de Cortometrajes de Almería and the Espiga de Oro at the Seminci de Valladolid. Within the feature films, the great Israeli production Noodle, by Ayelet Menahemi, as well as Le chant des mariées, by Karin Albou, and Plus tard tu comprendras, by Amos Guitai. And to cap the Festival, Waltz with Bashir, the animation movie by Ari Folman, a turning point that blurs the limits between documentary and fiction.

2010 – premiere in Barcelona of Gainsbourg, vie héroïque, by Joann Sfar, was a great success. Eastern Europe movies were present with titles such as The Gift to Stalin, by Rustem Abdrashitov, and Broken Promise, by Jiri Chlumsky. The comedy touch came with La folle histoire d’amour de Simon Ezquenazy, by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, and Cinco días sin Nora, by mexican director Mariana Chenillo.

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