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Benidorm, Spain is located approximately twenty-eight miles northeast of Alicante and is one of the main tourist cities on the Costa Blanca. It is perfectly situated on the Mediterranean Sea and offers many choices of fabulous beach front accommodations. It is indeed a city built for tourism with plenty to do and see during the day and a busy nightlife to experience after the sun sets. The weather is the typical Mediterranean weather, but even in the winter season, the mountains surrounding the city protects it from the cold winds. Naturally, though, it is the most popular with tourists during the summer season when one can more enjoy the sun and beaches.

Most visitors to Benidorm fly into the Alicante International Airport. There are several transportation choices available in order to reach Benidorm initially and then to travel around Benidorm during the trip. You can choose a bus, taxi, care hire company or take the railway. From the airport to Benidorm, a bus ride takes around hour and fifteen minutes, while travel to Benidorm in a car takes around thirty minutes.  Another option is to have a taxi take you to the Alicante train station downtown where you can take the narrow gauge railway to Benidorm. If you intend to travel to surrounding cities in the Costa Blanca, renting a car through a local care hire company may be the best choice for your transportation needs. There are also around twenty car rental companies in and around Benidorm which, with an advanced reservation, will pick you up at the airport. Otherwise, public transportation will meet the needs of those planning to stay closer to Benidorm.

Benidorm beach, Costa Blanca

Benidorm beach, Costa Blanca

Whether you plan to explore surrounding cities or stay in Benidorm, you will not want to miss the great attractions the city offers. In fact, Benidorm is well known for its lively nightlife, but it also offers three beaches. The Playa de Levante is and the Playa de Poniente are the two larger beaches and are divided by a small beach called the Playa Mai Pas. The more secluded Levante beach is a topless beach and tends to attract a single, younger crowd. The Poniente is much busier and usually draws families and older adults. Cars are not permitted on the main street on the beach which makes it nice for families and strolls along the beach and in the area. With its wide variety of restaurants, bars and dance clubs, the beach front is busy during the day and night particularly in the summers.

There are also several theme parks in the area which offer great entertainment especially for those traveling with children. Golfers will not be left out. There are great courses available in Benidorm and its surrounding cities. You can take a thirty mile train ride on the Lemon Express, offering a beautiful view of the Spain’s coastline and countryside. A little time researching your trip to Benidorm, Spain, with the help of the tips above, and you will surely find something for everyone.

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