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Fuengirola Zoo has been referred to in National Geographic as one of the most modern zoos in Spain and one of the best in Europe. It has transformed the old concept of “beast cages” showing wildlife just as it is. The Fuengirola Zoo faithfully recreates the tropical forest.

Fuengirola zoo

Fuengirola zoo

What makes this zoo original and exclusive is the careful recreation of the different habitats. The park represents the natural environment of wild animals so that visitors can feel as if they were walking along trails in Madagascar, tropical Africa or Southeast Asia, where water courses and vegetation abound.

You’ll be impressed as soon as you enter the zoo, as a big baobab tree, over 25m high, welcomes visitors. This tree represents the doorway to Madagascar, an island on which three different varieties of lemur live -one of the endangered species that are kept in the Fuengirola Zoo.

Over 120 different species and 1,300 animals dwell in this lush tropical forest located in Fuengirola. Many of these animals belong to European endangered species programmes controlling captive breeding, which are of utmost importance to preserve the continent’s native fauna.

Modern facilities

The Fuengirola Zoo has soon become one of the leading zoos in Europe. It has recently been granted an award for the excellent recreation of the area known as El Manglar (The Mangrove). Moreover, the well-known magazine National Geographic published an article on its innovative park design, and Time also featured an article on the major conservation efforts and the extraordinary recreation of different animal habitats at the Fuengirola Zoo.

Claro de Selva, a live documentary

With the exhibition Claro de Selva, visitors get closer to some animals that are found in tropical forests. The setting reproduces a clearing in the forest around two gigantic trees, a waterfall, a

river and tropical vegetation. Visitors can pay a virtual visit to the tropical forest while looking at the animals in their natural environment. This exhibition -the first of its kind in Spain- brings together land mammals and birds.

Opening hours: Daily, till dusk; July/August, till midnight
Prices: Adults: 14.90 euros; Children: 10.20 euros; Seniors: 10.20 euros
Birds and mammals exhibition: Twice a day, or three times a day in the summer

Bioparc Fuengirola
Avda. Camilo José Cela, 6 – 8
Tel: (+34) 952 666 301
Fax: (+34) 952 586 892

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