Carnival Party in Alaior, Menorca

| February 15, 2012

Fancy dress balls, a parade of floats, competitions between groups of singers and the burial of Carnestoltes, or carnival, are the main events in the most daring of all Menorca’s fiestas. March-april.

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Menorca Carnival Party in Alaior

The Alaior carnival revolves around the figure of Bernat Figuerola. According to legend, this character was a cobbler who left the city to seek his fortune in America. Each year at Carnival, Bernat comes back and, although failing rapidly from a grave illness, he presides over all the acts of the fiestas. The afternoon of Shrove Tuesday, suspecting the inevitable, Bernat dictates a satirical will that is read in the plaza. Finally, he dies and disappears among the flames of a great bonfire that signals the beginning of Lent.

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