Category: Basque Country

Gipuzkoan Coast

The Gipuzkoan coastal regions have it all. An exaggeration? Possibly, but this area has so many attractions that you’d be hard pushed to think of something it doesn’t have. This area of land between the bay of Txingudi and Saturrarán beach looks out onto the Cantabrian sea offering beautiful cliffs, fine sandy beaches, ports in which to sample fresh fish and places filled with history and life. Continue Reading

What to do in San Sebastian

San Sebastian sits pretty on the southern coast of the Bay of Biscay and to the north of the Basque Country. Its picturesque sun-kissed beaches allure tourists from all parts of the world, but this is not just all. It would be a crime not to mention about its lively, friendly people, and its pretty scenery. Continue Reading

Tourist attractions in Bilbao

It might seem crazy linking the name of a city with a museum, but due credit should be given to the Guggenhiem museum, inaugurated in 1997, for catapulting the number of visitors to this city from a paltry 25,000 per year to more than 700,000 as of date. Apart from the other tourist spots, Bilbao lies approximately 14 kilometers south of the Bay of Biscay and on the north-central part of Spain. Apart from its innumerous festivals, this city also offers tourists an option to revel in its beach. Continue Reading