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Madrid, San Francisco Basilica

The church of San Francisco is one of Madrid’s most important buildings and offers a fascinating tour. With a dome larger than that of St. Paul’s Cathedral it is an architectural marvel. Filled with paintings and sculpture, it is also an art lover’s treat. Continue Reading

Shopping in Madrid

While perhaps not as well known for it as London or New York, Madrid has dozens of excellent places to shop. Whether you’re looking for a valuable antique or just a simple gift for someone back home, Madrid has much to offer. You may be looking for exclusive shops – of which there are many, or you may want a flea market atmosphere. Madrid has it all. Continue Reading

El Escorial Monastery and the Valley of the Fallen tour from Madrid

Experience the grandeur of the El Escorial monastery on a guided half-day trip from Madrid. Afterwards, visit the poignant Valley of the Fallen monument erected in memory of the millions who died in the Spanish Civil War. Gain insights into Spain’s intriguing history at these symbolic monuments reflecting the Spanish monarchy, church and 20th-century conflict. Continue Reading

Madrid Puerta del Sol

Spanish for ‘Gate of the Sun’, Puerta del Sol is one of Madrid’s most popular tourist destinations. At its center lies the paving slab just outside the Casa de Correos that marks the spot from which radiates the six main highways traversing Spain. It is a good point from which to begin to explore this delightful part of the city. Continue Reading

Madrid Prado Museum

One of the most visited tourist spots in Madrid, the Prado Museum is home to over 7,000 paintings. Though the emphasis is heavily on the three most famous Spanish masters – Goya, Velzquez and El Greco – there are major and minor masterpieces from dozens of other artists. Continue Reading

Accomodation in Madrid

Madrid has a vast number of hotel rooms – around 50 000. With such a large number, there is always somewhere appropriate for the visitor to stay. Madrid accounts for well over a third of all the luxury hotels in Spain. You can pamper yourself at The Ritz as long as money is no obstacle. Otherwise, if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom, you can stay in one of the many budget hotels. Continue Reading

Madrid Card

Madrid is crammed with art galleries, museums, royal palaces, flamenco shows…and you’ll see them all with the Madrid Card and save money! Choose between a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day pass, and gain prioritized access to Madrid’s big four attractions: the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum. Continue Reading

Madrid Royal Palace

Second only to Versailles in size and splendor, the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) in Madrid is an architectural marvel and a treasure trove. Nearly three thousand rooms, with 240 balconies and over forty staircases, this magnificent work is one of Madrid’s major tourist attractions. Continue Reading

Madrid Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor remains one of Madrid’s chief tourist attractions. Though called by many names over the centuries and subject to several fires, it retains its allure. The reasons are not hard to find. While not an architectural work of art, the plaza is one of the best places in Madrid to relax and watch the blend of citizen and visitor. Continue Reading

Madrid Retiro Park

While Parque del Buen Retiro (at about 300 acres) is much smaller than New York’s Central Park (840 acres) it is nonetheless magnificent. Filled with beautiful sculpture and monuments, a peaceful lake and host to a variety of events, it is rightfully one of Madrid’s premier attractions. Continue Reading

Madrid Biblioteca Nacional

Going to a library isn’t most tourists idea of a good time. But if you visit Madrid and don’t stop in to the Biblioteca Nacional for at least an hour you’ll be missing out on one of the city’s finest attractions. Continue Reading

Cheap holidays to Madrid

Holidays to Madrid are always fun. There is so much to do and see. The museums and historical sites are just amazing. You can spend an entire week visiting the museums and sites around Madrid. There are some popular spots in Madrid to see such as the Calle Preciados, which is a type of strip mall where no vehicle traffic is allowed. There are so many stores that you can spend hours just looking around and shopping. They have something for everyone from men’s clothes to woman’s clothes and some specially shops. Continue Reading

Apartment In Madrid City Centre near Plaza Mayor

A great option particularly for family trips to Madrid, this fun and friendly vacation apartment offers you welcoming space, a walkable location and cool travel extras. Continue Reading

What to do in Madrid

Madrid has something for everyone: a student of history, an art lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or a simple tourist. It has a number of art galleries and museums, palaces and parks. A walk down the many plazas is an enriching experience and the best means of absorbing the essence of the old city. Finally, the nightlife is among Europe’s best. Continue Reading