Cordoba monuments and museums

The Mosque is Córdoba’s main monument. Work on its construction started soon after Abd al-Rahman the first took over the Emirate. Its most ancient foundations are built over the remains of the primitive Visigothic basilica of San Vicente. After Córdoba was conquered by the Christians, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, the city council decided to build a Cathedral in the heart of the Mosque, which at present stands in the middle of an impressive forest of Moorish arches.

Cordoba, La Casa de la Alberca

Cordoba, La Casa de la Alberca

The river Guadalquivir is opposite the Mosque. The Roman bridge takes you to the Torre de la Calahorra, the seat of the Roger Garaudy foundation. The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, situated by the Campo de la Verdad, is an area of terraced gardens. Some of the gateways to the Jewish quarter are opposite here.

The part of Córdoba outside the city walls was called the Ajerquía, with churches in the style of Fernando the seventh like San Pedro, Santiago, La Magdalena, Santa Marina or San Lorenzo. In the middle of all this is the plaza de la Corredera, with its powerful baroque air. The columns of the ancient Roman temple dedicated to Diana are situated beside the Town Hall and the church of San Pablo.

The archaeological site of the city Medina Azahara is just eight kilometres from the city, it was built by the first Caliph Abd al-Rahman the third as the seat of his new power.

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