Crocodile Park


The Nile’s riverbanks have been home to animals that, for centuries, have shaken the nerves of the bravest explorers: crocodiles. Take on the role of an adventurer and bring your family to “Cocodrilos Park Torremolinos”

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park

Exotic and educational

This thematic park, the only one of its kind in Europe, with over 300 specimens representing fourteen different species of crocodiles, has succeeded in achieving a perfect combination of exotic and educational elements. The guided visits include a presentation of our experts feeding the crocodiles.

Big daddy

With your mouth wide open!!!, That is how you will react when you see the star of Cocodrilos Park. “Big Daddy”, -Paquito for Spaniards- is one of the marvels of zoology that you will have the opportunity of observing.

Big Daddy is a giant Nile crocodile who is a native of the Zambeze River, about 80 years old, and disproportionate in size.
You will have to show him all the respect that his 5 metres long body and more than 580 kilograms clearly demand.

There are only four others like him in captivity in the world.

Following spectacular nuptial courtship during which this great male performs an elaborate aquatic dance, his five females are left in a state of gestation for 2 months, after which they deposit from 30 to 50 eggs.  Every year a large number of baby crocodiles are born.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and have a picture taken holding a baby crocodile in your arms! You’ll never regret it!!! In addition, Cocodrilos Park Torremolinos has an African fortress from Mali, a lakeside settlement made of straw and adobe, a Crocodile Museum, care centre for baby crocodiles, audio-visual and educational hall, children game room, swings, cafeteria and gift shop.


„Cocodrilos Park Torremolinos” is located in the well-known “Milla de Oro” (Golden Mile), a sports and leisure area comprised of a water park, sports village, botanical garden, the new bullring and the Los Manantiales complex.

C/ Cuba, 14
29620 Torremolinos (Málaga)
Tel.: (+34) 952 051 782 (information and reservations)

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