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Lhe Nerja Cave was discovered in 1959 by a group of guys from Maro, on the outskirts of Nerja, Málaga Province. It opened its doors to the public in 1960. It has been designated as a Historic and Artistic Monument and Asset of Interest in the category of Archaeological Site. In fact, it is a major tourist attraction in Spain.

Cueva de Nerja

Cueva de Nerja

Located only 4km to the east of Nerja, it can be reached via the A-7, exit 295 to Maro, Cueva de Nerja. If you’re in Nerja, you should take the N-340 in Maro.

Cave formation

The Nerja Cave’s formation dates back to the Triassic. It emerged from the bottom of the old Mediterranean Sea, i.e. the Tethys Ocean. Its definitive shape was the result of geological processes taking place during the Cretaceous, the Miocene, and the Pleistocene.

It contains a large number of speleothems-stalactites, stalagmites, draperies or curtains, rimstone dams or gours, among others- began to form some 800,000 years ago, and they have come down to us.

Guided tours

Tours of the Nerja Cave cover a third of its total surface. They take visitors to different rooms: the Hall, the Cascade, the Cataclysm, and many others.

High and new galleries

Most of the cave corresponds to the so-called High Galleries and New Galleries, which can be visited in spelunking tours in winter. You need to register for a tour of this kind.


The Nerja Cave has been home to the “Cueva de Nerja” International Dance and Music Festival – held for five days in the second half of July- since 1960. The festival draws top international artists in the fields of ballet, opera, Spanish dance, and flamenco. Some of the artists who have taken part in it are Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, José Carreras, Paco de Lucía, and dancers from the Vienna State Opera Ballet.


Winter: 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.; 4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
July andAugust: 10:00 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Festival days: 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Closing days: 1 January and 15 May
(St Isidore the Farmer’s Festival)


Adults: 7 euros; Children (6-12) 3.50 euros; Children under 6: free; Discounts available for groups


– Visitor centre
– Restaurant and coffee shop
– Picnic area
– Children’s park
– Gift shop
– Gardens

Cueva de nerja foundation
Ctra. de Maro, s/n
29787 Nerja
Tel.: (+34) 952 529 520 (5 lines)
Fax:  (+34) 952 529 646

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