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Rhythm on horseback is a very successful horse show that has been run since 1993. Since our visitors requested it, we started offering feria del sur (southern fair) in 2000. It consists in dinner with a flamenco show that, along with ritmo a caballo make the perfect andalusian mix. Without doubt, the fifteen-year experience and the quality of the shows ensure customer satisfaction. The horse show features five different performances. Its runtime is one and a half hours, with a 10-minute interval.

El Ranchito Riding Club Malaga

El Ranchito Riding Club Malaga

Fair fantasy

Men and women on horseback perform the flat walk and the gallop and take spectators to the joyful, colourful andalusian fairs.

Horsewoman dream

They say this is the most beautiful performance in horse shows because it harmoniously combines difficulty, beauty, grace, presence, and composure of horsewomen.

Equestrian magic

A magic understanding between man and horse. Different gaits from high school dressing movements like passage, piaffe, change of leg and airs above the ground. (the two are performed alternately)

Long reins and in-hand work

With the rider standing on the ground, the performance begins with the most difficult high- school gaits like piaffe, the spanish passage, courbette, capriole.

Field work and goad show

This kind of work comes from the country, where fighting bulls graze freely on andalusian valleys.

High school carrousel

This carrousel is a kind of summary of the harmony and serenity of the elements in the show rhythm on horseback (ritmo a caballo) the traditional and strict elegance of this dressage can be seen in a group of spanish horses moving in unison to the rhythm of music. The spanish horse is noble, generous, fine-looking, and brave, fit for a king.

A real equestrian ballet whose choreography is based on classical dressing and “doma vaquero” (commonly used to work cattle), with spanish music and andalusian clothes.

This beautiful show is well-known throughout the costa del sol. Over 100,000 people have watched and enjoyed it. It was also staged successfully in horse shows abroad, like the world equestrian week, held in the hague (netherlands).

Commercial management:

Promarketing, s.l.

C/ murillo bracho, 3

29620 torremolinos (málaga)


Free bus service that picks up customers along the coast from san pedro de alcántara to torremolinos.

El ranchito riding club

Senda del pilar, 4

29620 torremolinos (málaga)

Tel.: (+34) 952 383 140

Fax: (+34) 952 387 566

Email: info@spanishhorsesshow.com

Website: www.feriadelsur.es

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