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Since the advent of package holidays,Malaga, Spain has been a site which has continued to play host to teeming visitors over the years. This town is located in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

The Malaga International airport has gone ahead to complement the important role of the town to tourists. It now has 3 terminals which can handle the high influx of visitors especially during summer.

Year in year out, people troop into Andalucia in order to experience the delights obtainable there.

The region christened “coast of the sun” has the profile of being the southernmost city in Europe. It has a unique natural feature of a mountainous backdrop which makes it a place where people actually long to visit. To be candid, some few days spent in Malaga are bound to be memorable.

One of the activities you must be involved in as you explore Malaga is to take a tour around the city. You will be thrilled by the open spaces, and the horticultural gardens that dot the landscape even as you take a stroll on foot.

As you take some time out in Malaga, you will notice the rich history and culture that envelopes the metropolis. As a matter of fact, the founding of this place dates back to 700 BC as far as the Phoenicians.

Malaga has a number of interesting sites. Under the Gibralfaro castle and the linkage of the Moorish fortress of Alkazaba, you will see the ruins of an amphitheatre of Roman design which is currently being restored to its past splendors. There is also an archaeological museum around that place.

Lodging accommodation is relatively of low cost in Malaga at least by European standards. There are also car hire services which goes for about 150 GB pounds together with fuel expenses.

Contemporary Malaga has a functional link with Northern Africa and there are choice beaches there with several cafes and Tapa bars. A journey on coach will grant you access to very impressive sights on the coast and by this, you can go ahead to discover various interesting spots.

As regards the eastern part, someone that wants to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life will love this area. It is about 10 kilometers from Malaga and people come here to have some time on the beaches and then return to main town Malaga within a short time.

Some of the places visitors must call at are the birthplace and museum in honor of Picasso. There, some of his works are showcased for the viewing pleasure of callers. The cathedrals that sit majestically at the city center are also worthy of note.

To be candid, you cannot be bored in Malaga. Moreover, travelers en route Morocco have the rare opportunity to tour the obvious diversity of the continents of Europe and Africa a short time.

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