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The greatest pleasure that exists for the Ibicencos is the enjoyment of food. They feel genuine devotion to fresh and natural products and, in earlier times it was impossible to see a house that was not self-sufficient from its own garden, its fruit trees and its livestock. Even today, many homes keep this tradition alive.

The sea provides fish and seafood, and the forests offer mushrooms, asparagus, various kinds of game… This wide-ranging natural pantry has given rise to a culinary wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation seasoned with the different cultures that have inhabited the island. Rice dishes, dishes of poultry or mutton, stews, baked fish and pastries form part of the varied gastronomic range that Ibiza offers.

Ibiza restaurant

Ibiza restaurant

The restaurants possess, in addition, an extra value: the chance to savour these dishes in unique settings with your feet in the sand and the sound of the waves in the background, in the winding lanes of the old town or in ancient farmhouses deep in the countryside. The island counts on a great variety of restaurants of exceptional quality that offer fresh and natural products such as fish and seafood or traditional dishes like “arroz a la marinera” (rice fisherman style), the “bollit de peix” (fish stew) or the “borrida de rajada” (ray, potatoes and almonds). You will also be able to enjoy typical dishes made mostly out of meat, for example, the “arroz de matanzas” (rice with pork), the “frita de porc” (pork, peppers, potatoes, onions) and the “sofrit pages” (fried lamb, chicken, pork, potatoes and peppers).

Ibizan pastrymaking is delicious. Don’t miss a delicious tart made out of goats’ and sheeps cheese and mint (“flao”) or a pudding of “ensaimadas” (spiral-shaped pastry), milk and eggs known as “greixonera”. In social meetings the custom is to sample the typical “orelletes” (small ear-shaped pastries).

In the majority of restaurants you will be able to ask for local wines and all those tourists who wish may pay a visit to the vineyards and wine cellars of the island. Sa Cova, in Sant Mateu d’Aubarca, is the pioneer wine merchant to produce wine. Can Maymo, in San Mateu, makes red wine steeped in thyme. The Can Rich wine cellar, in Buscatell, is situated in an extensive farm devoted to organic cultivation and it uses French varieties combined with typical Ibizan grapes. The Totem Wines vineyard, in Sant Josep, also makes its wine with the Monastrell grape, a traditional Ibizan variety.

The crafts typical of the area place the best souvenir imaginable within the reach of the visitor such as virgin olive oil or honey, liquors such as the famous “hierbas ibicencas” or “pato”, not to mention other products such as cheeses, `sobrasadas’, various kinds of sausages, almonds or dried figs. Enjoying Ibizan gastronomy is without a doubt just one more of the many undeniable pleasures that the island offers.

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