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The natural surroundings of Ibiza make up its most important attraction. Without a doubt, its abundant forests of Mediterranean pine attract attention. In fact, it was the Greeks who called the Pitiusas “the islands of pine trees”, due to the green mantle that stretches over its fields and mountains throughout the whole year. The pines have typified the landscape of the island during the last 7,000 years, according to recent scientific studies.

The turquoise waters of the bays, the islets that break up the monotony of the horizon and rise up like giants, the natural park of Ses Salines or the nature reserves of Es Vedra, Es Vedranell and the western islets, invite you to carry out all kinds of open-air activities.

Ibiza Cala Conta

Ibiza Cala Conta

On the island you will be able to enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean, bathe in crystal-clear waters and walk past fields sown with wheat, vines and fruit, perfumed by aromatic plants that grow wild in every nook and cranny such as rosemary, thyme or lavender.

Ibiza never ceases to be a peaceful island, not even in the months of the summer when the greatest number of tourists come to visit it. Numerous spots exist where peace and calm reign such as, for example, in the north, in the protected area of Es Amunts; in little hamlets such as Sant Mateu, Santa Agnes, Sant Agusti or Es Cubells.

Ibiza maintains the greater part of its territory in virgin condition and stores up a valuable botanical and animal heritage in which there are no aggressive or dangerous species. There are thousand¬-year-old olive trees, spectacular sabina trees, multi-coloured flora, falcons, podencos (an indigenous race of hunting dog said to have originated in Egypt), green and blue lizards, flocks of partridges.

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