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imaxmadridImax Madrid offers its visitors the most advanced projection system in history. It is possible to get into a sound and light show that will make you feel there is another dimension, a challenge to your senses, with three impressive screens that will literally surround you and make you feel you are the main character: Imax, Omnimax and Imax 3D.

The largest flat screen worldwide, with 21 m in height and a surface of 600 m2, Imax projects images of an extraordinary quality and high definition. Omnimax is a cupola-shaped semi-spherical screen of colossal size: a 900 m2 surface and a 30-metre diameter. Spectators are surrounded by the screen and they have the feeling they are incise the film.

To enjoy the most perfect projection system in history, you must come to Imax 3D, with such living and real images that you think you can touch them. Rather than watching a film, you feel you are “living the film”.

Imax® Madrid.
C/ Meneses, s/n.
28045 – Madrid.
Phone: +34 91 467 48 00.

How to get there
Road: M-30, exit 11 (Méndez Álvaro). Metro: Line 6, Méndez Álvaro station. Bus: Lines 8, 102 and 148. Suburban train: Méndez Álvaro station.

Cafeteria. Access for people with disabilities. Free car park.


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