Inca’s patron saints’ days’ feast: Sant Abdó and Sant Senén


The city of Inca, the largest town in the Raiguer zone, will be organising a varied programme of events to fete its patron saints, while inviting residents and visitors to partake in the activities.

Inca's patron saints' days' feast

Inca's patron saints' days' feast

In the days leading up to the patron saints’ day the Town Council organizes various events: “balls de bot”; bullfights; recitals; evening celebrations on the eve of the saints’ day; Holy Mass, always said by an Inca-born priest; tour of the Miquel Mir Residence…

Inca’s residents will be celebrating their patron saints’ days fiestas with a wide-ranging programme of activities for all ages that includes modern, jazz and classical music concerts, exhibitions, folk dancing, street fairs, games for children and juniors and much more. A superb opportunity to visit this town in Mallorca’s hinterland, which is famous for its leather goods, above all footwear. A new addition to the customary festivities is the telling of Sa potada del Rei, a rondalla (traditional folktale) about the island’s conquest and the mark left by a horse’s footprint in the town. Thus, an historical and a fantastical event are related: the surrender of the city to King James and the legend of the hoof print made by the King’s horse, which ends in a performance in which Christian and Muslims followers take part.

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