Jungle Park, Parque de las Aguilas, Tenerife


It is really strange to observe people visiting the same places every year. Even though they reside in a country that encounters chilly weather, they visit other countries, during their vacations, which also have chilly weather. Why do you not make a difference this time and try out something exotic in an isle, blessed by sunshine throughout the year? In case you have any doubts, we are discussing about Tenerife. It is one of the most beautiful isles in the world, blessed with a temperate climate throughout the year. This is one of the primary reasons, why thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it every week.

Parque de las Aguilas, orangutan

Parque de las Aguilas, orangutan

Apart from the climate, there are many other interesting tourist attractions in this isle, including the Jungle Park, known locally as the Parque de las Aguilas. This park is a favorite among kids because they simple love the bird show along with other shows. In the bird show, the kids are provided with bird seeds to feed to the birds. Can you imagine the sensation of birds coming close to you and picking those seeds out of your palm? This is not the only fascination of this amazing botanical and zoological park that covers a massive area of 75,000 square meters. Youngsters are extremely delighted to view the huge species of animals found in this park, which also boasts of caves, lagoons, waterfalls, suspension bridges, and walking paths along with tunnels.

This amazing tourist spot is located atop the Los Cristianos zone of Terenife and is accessible by free bus rides that originate from hotels and the primary tourist areas. Make sure that you do not miss on the bird show where you will have the opportunity to view eagles, vultures, and falcons in free flight. This park is also renowned all over the world for its crocodiles, parrots, spider monkeys, and white Siberian tigers. You might be wondering what is it that sets this place apart from the other zoos of the world.

Parque de las Aguilas, leopard

Parque de las Aguilas, leopard

This is one of the few spots of the world, where you and your kids get the opportunity to interact with the animals. Do not forget o purchase nuts during the course of your trip. You can place them on your shoulder and enjoy the fun when tiny spider monkeys clamber over you for them. If you enjoy playing with birds, take a little pot of nectar and enter the birds’ enclosure. This is the closest you can get to nature.

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