La Ciudadela de Jaca


From a bird’s eye view, it seems to be a star. It is a perfect pentagon enclosed by walls, bastions, moats and other fortifications. The castle of San Pedro or Ciudadela (Citadel) is a military building that Felipe II ordered to build around 1592 in Jaca as a defense against a possible French invasion. However, as history would have it, it only did battle during the Independence War, when the Spanish tried to recover it after the Gallic occupation.

The author of the plans was the commander Tiburcio Spanochi, who designed a castle that could hold up to one hundred garrison with great defensive details. Walls, scarps, and counterscarps, bastions with artillery emplacements…

Ciudadela de Jaca

Ciudadela de Jaca

The moat is crossed by a bridge with three arches and by a drawbridge. After going through a door crowned by a shield, you will gain access to the inside where you should stop in front of the Baroque front that dates from the XVIII century and the parade ground that is riddled with arches.

You can cover the entire perimeter along the sloping ground going for a pleasant walk and paying a visit to the deer family that lives in the moat, which is said not to have had water ever. Together with the Belgian one of Lieja, it is the only pentagonal castle that survives complete. La Ciudadela (the Citadel) is a National Monument and Nostra Europe Award but Jaca is much more. Disappear into its charms.(photo:Zarateman)

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