Las Canadas, Tenerife


The Teide National Park was created in 1954. It has a surface area of 135 square kilometres which includes the great volcanic crater 2,000 meters high where the volcanic cones of Pico Viejo and the Teide are located at 1,105 and 1,718 meters above it respectively. All is of great geological, botanical and landscape value.

Teide old crater

Teide old crater

The circus las Cañadas a gigantic sunken crater 12 by 17 kilometres conceals within it various volcanic formations :dozens of deposits of lava of different ages,textures and colour, unlikely stone sculptures, such as Roques de Garcia and mysterious plains such as Ucanca. Alongside these grows a very peculiar native vegetation in which tajinaste, margarita de Tenerife and the beautiful violets of Teide,the only plant surviving above 3,500 meters stand out. The Teide blue tit is the most conspicuous of the endemic animals in the park for its outstanding beauty.

Dominating all this from its impressive height of 3,718 meters above sea level is the Teide volcano. A cable car operates to the peak every day from 9 to 17. unless it is windy. The view from above is awe inspiring and on a clear day one can see all the Canary islands.

Las Cañadas nature park can be approached from anywhere on the island, although perhaps the most exhilarating climb is La Esperanza from the town of la Laguna. At the entrance to the park there is a visitors centre (El Portillo) from which excursions are organized every day at 9 and at 1.30.

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