Loarre castle


With the sky as witness, dominated by the Mallos Kingdom, the Loarre castle is still standing, in good conditions, proud to be the most important Romanesque fortress of Spain and maybe of Europe.

Eight towers, which still keep the sound of the swords, defend what was the royal palace, a convent and, more recently, a film stage. In Loarre, films like “Kingdom of Heaven”, by Ridley Scott, or “Miguel & William”, directed by Inés París, have been filmed, in which we find that many inhabitants of this area have shown that they are very good extras.

The Loarre castle, built in the XI century, has played several roles along its history. You will distinguish three constructive periods in it: With Sancho el Mayor arrive the upper building and the high towers; with Sancho Ramírez, the Royal Chapel and its surroundings; the impregnable wall dates from the XIII century.

Loarre castle, Aragon

Loarre castle, Aragon

The stone cord that protects the entire collection with its two hundred meters long and its one meter and thirty centimeters thick will welcome you. The bridge with access to the Tribute Tower could be closed in order to leave this area isolated. It had dormitories, the kitchen, and warehouses to preserve the aliments.

The most important piece in the premises is the Royal Chapel dedicated to Saint Peter. Take a good look. It ends in rich and sumptuous capitals, windows, dome, blind arches in the apse, and barrel and cul-de-four vaults. The Queen Tower, with a Mozarabic flavor, the same as in the Santa María church, is part of the original nucleus. Have a look out of La Reina

Viewpoint and feel the world at your feet. In addition, in order to rest not only the feet but also the body and soul, the Loarre Guesthouse. It is located in a building that dates from the XVI century and it offers an intimate and relaxed environment under the attentive sight of the imposing castle.

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