Malaga gastronomy


Malaga’s cuisine boasts a wide variety of simple, healthy dishes prepared with natural ingredients, some of which are protected by a denomination of origin: olive oil with the Antequera Denomination of Origin; cherimoyas with the Chirimoya de la Costa Tropical Granada-Malaga Denomination of Origin; raisins with the Pasas de Màlaga Denomination of Origin; and wines with the Malaga and Sierras de Malaga Denominations of origin.

The province also produces a wide variety of meats, vegetables and, above all, fish. Gazpacho, ajoblanco (Malaga’s version of gazpacho garnished with almonds and moscatel grapes), fried fish, the famous espetos (sardines on a reed skewer which are grilled on the beach) or the porra antequerana, are just a few examples of the specialities for which Malaga’s cuisine is particularly renowned.

Malaga gastronomy, Ajoblanco


Also popular are a wide variety of traditional confectionery items. Examples include the evocative bienmesabe from Antequera, the borrachuelos flavoured with Malaga wine, oil flat cakes, pestinos, alfajores, wine-flavoured roscos, and the delicious cakes and pastries made in the convents. (photo:BocaDorada)

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