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Over the past few years, Málaga and its Costa del Sol have become one of the points of reference of Spanish cuisine. Alongside Basque and Catalan cookeries, Andalusian dishes are beginning to find their place in the booming scenario of Spanish flavours, and this is reflected in restaurant guides and specialised magazines.

Málaga’s restaurants are points in a spectrum comprising different ways to understand this trade, giving guests the possibility to choose their food from a wide range of options: from traditional, Mediterranean-based dishes, prepared after popular recipes, to avant-garde cuisine, which has meant an enriching quality leap in the evolution of the sector.

Signature cuisine is on the rise in Málaga. Its great chefs, the creators of a new type of cookery that has made its way into the province’s restaurants, have been trained in the prestigious local culinary schools. Their talent pervades their restaurants’ menus, including high cuisine and fusion food, and the result is an enriched top-quality offer.

Local chefs join those coming from other regions who have chosen the Costa del Sol to settle and made a considerable contribution to the rise of Málaga’s cooking panorama. With their know-how and commitment, all these young professionals have formed part of the revolution that has taken place in Málaga’s cuisine, and their efforts have met the fair reward of catering for and pleasing the most demanding palates.

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