Mallorca Diada celebration


A number of institutional acts and activities for residents, such as concerts, conferences and sporting events at sea and in the mountains, take place on this day in Mallorca.

Mallorca Diada celebration

Mallorca Diada celebration

Mallorca’s Diada celebration, which takes place on September 12, commemorates the oath taken by King James II in 1276 to uphold a charter entitled Carta Franqueses i privilegis del Regne de Mallorca, a series of advantageous rights granted by the king to the kingdom of Mallorca, which formed the legal basis of the community’s standing.

The franqueses was exemptions from certain norms or customs and the privilegis were rights granted exclusively to a city or region. Through them, King James II of Mallorca guaranteed islanders a series of rights and liberties that allowed them to live unrestricted by many of the feudal tributes that were almost universally widespread in Europe.

Mallorca’s institutions sponsor a wide array of activities during September.

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