Mallorca Palm Sunday


All over Mallorca, Palm Sunday, or Sunday of the Passion, marks the beginning of Easter Week with palm fronds to commemorate Jesus Christ’s entry in Jerusalem.

Mallorca - Palm Sunday all around Mallorca

Mallorca - Palm Sunday all around Mallorca

Easter Week celebrations begin with an afternoon mass on Palm Sunday at Palma Cathedral followed by the procession of priests and believers who parade through the streets preceded by the Bishop of Palma while he blesses the palm fronds and olive branches belonging to the many spectators with holy water.

úIt is customary to keep palm fronds that have been blessed at home to protect the family.
The mass in Palma Cathedral will be attended by many priests from all over Mallorca as well as the Bishop, who officiates the mass and renews the sacramental oil.

These oils, which come from Bunyola, are blessed along with the bread, water and wine.

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