Mula: The Night of the Drums


This town in the north-west of the Region celebrates the Passion amid the incessant pounding of drums. In Mula they are played from twelve o’clock midnight on Tuesday to four o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday, to continue on Friday morning and Easter Sunday from twelve o’clock midday to nine o’clock at night. From 03/04/2012 to 08/04/2012

Mula La noche de los Tambores

Mula La noche de los Tambores

Mula is probably best known for its night-time ‘tamborradas’ (drumming processions) held during Holy Week, when the constant pounding of the drums creates a haunting atmosphere throughout the town. These unique drumming processions take place on the Tuesday night (from midnight) of Holy Week through to Wednesday afternoon and also during the morning on the Friday and the Sunday afternoon.

Similar ‘tamborrada’ processions are held in the towns of Hellín, Tobara and Moratalla.

The tradition goes back to the middle of the 19th century when it was disapproved of and many people were persecuted for playing the Tambores.   Then in 1892 it was agreed that the locals could play the Tambores on the Wednesday before Easter.   In 1944 it was laid down by the local authorities that the drums could be played at certains times.  Then in 1983 a group of Mula Drummers, backed by the town council decided to reunite all the towns of Spain that traditionally played the drum.  It was realised finally in Setptember of that year, different drummers arrived from various areas in Spain, including Andorra de Teruel Moratella, Agramon, Hellin, Tobarra and Mula.  This was known as the Sample of the Drum.

In principle everyone can join in the celebrations and the town welcome the sound of the drums.  Everyone congregates in the square by the town hall on  the Tuesday of Semana Santa  and await midnight when the Nazarenes strike their drums and carry on until four the next day.  They then meet again on Easter Sunday and the drumming goes on from 8.00am to 6.00pm.  The drums can be quite deafening but in true Spanish tradition they seem to be oblivious to the noise.

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