Murcia Bando de la Huerta spring fiesta


This celebration is part of the Spring Fiestas in Murcia, and will allow you to enjoy the typical customs and traditions of this fruit and vegetable growing region. Dates: Apr 10, 2012.

Murcia Bando de la Huerta spring fiesta

Murcia Bando de la Huerta spring fiesta

The “Bando de la Huerta” celebration comes on the first Tuesday after Easter, coinciding with the most important day of the Spring Fiestas. It consists of a parade of oxen-drawn carriages and booths from which the participants, known as “huertanos”, throw food at the spectators. After the floral offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta, the parade begins through the streets of the city, accompanied by local folk groups and associations.

On this day, the city becomes a unique Huerta in which tens of thousands of people of all ages go to the streets in their regional costumes: for him, the zaragüelles, waistcoats and monteras (huertano cap), and for her, the beautiful refajos (skirts), aprons and shawls.

The parade began in the 19th century when a group of huertanos, led by their Mayor, went to the city to protest about shortages. They paraded in a large group made up of carts and horses ridden by young men offering home-grown products. The passing of time has turned it into the coming together of the huertanos and the city dwellers, in order to pay homage to the Huerta.

The day begins early with a floral offering to the Virgin of the Fuensanta, patron of the city, left in front of the Baroque facade of the Cathedral. After this, people walk through the streets and squares and visit the Barracas in order to enjoy the typical huertano products. In the afternoon, the parade sets off from the Infante Don Juan Manuel neighbourhood and moves through the centre of the city, handing out the products which fill their floats.

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