Museo De Málaga / Malaga Museum


Malaga Museum is one of the cultural institutions with the longest tradition in the capital of Malaga, with a history which dates back to the foundation of the Provincial Museums of Fine Arts in 1905 to which can be added Provincial Archaeology Museum in 1947 and united since 1973 as a more powerful institution in both its collections and presence in the province.

Museo de Malaga

Museo de Malaga

Malaga Museum is in the process of renovation which entails the recovery for use as its premises the Palacio de la Aduana, the best conserved and most complete example of neoclassical architecture in Malaga. The institution will give an extensive view of the history of the province, from the first prehistoric settlements right through to today.

Since its opening the Malaga Museum has been a vital presence in the cultural life of the city through the exhibitions of its collections and its musicological activities and campaigns which keeps alive and dynamic the presence of the museum in the city and the surrounding province, for the enjoyment of both the locals and its many visitors from outside the province.

Malaga Museum offers its visitors through the press and other media and its web page up to date information of all its exhibitions and activities.

The building which houses the collection is being refurbished. It will open in 2012.


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