Palma Cathedral


Palma’s cathedral, La Seu, is the most precious architectural treasure of the Balearic Islands and is regarded as one of Spain’s most outstanding Gothic structures.

Begun by Jaume II on the site of the city’s main mosque seven years after the conquest of 1299, the work took some 300 years. In the first half of the 15th century, the building works were supervised by the prominent Mallorcan sculptor and architect Guillem Sagrera.

Partly destroyed during the 1851 earthquake, the cathedral was subsequently repaired by Juan Bautista Peyronnet. In the early 20th century, its interior was modernized by Antoni Gaudo An integral part of the cathedral is its museum, which stores precious works of sacral art.

Palma de Mallorca, Cathedral

Palma de Mallorca, Cathedral


The mighty belfry was built in 1389. The biggest of its nine bells is called Eloi.

Palma Cathedral

Towering over the former harbour inPalma, the cathedral looks most beautiful when viewed from the sea, or at night, when it is illuminated.

Cathedral Museum

One of the masterpieces on display in the Old Chapter House, now housing the museum, is the reliquary containing wood from the Holy Cross, encrusted with jewels.

The great organs, built in 1795, stand within a Neo-Gothic enclosure; they were restored in 1993 by Gabriel Blancafort.

Giant Rose Window

The largest of the seven rose windows, measuring 12 m (40 ft) in diameter, is filled with 1,200 pieces of stained glass.


Cathedral Palma de Mallorca

Cathedral Palma de Mallorca

Trinity Chapel

The chapel, built in 1329, contains the tombs of the Mallorcan kings, Jaume II and Jaume III.

Bishop’s Throne

Made in 1346, of white marble, the Bishop’s Throne stands on a dais, in a niche.

The Barcelo Chapel was designed by contemporary painter Miquel Barcelo (b.1957) and boasts a large ceramic mural and stained glass windows.

Baldachin (1912)

Antoni Gaudí’s ceremonial canopy with lights and a multicoloured crucifix is suspended above the main altar.

Central Nave

Nineteen metres (62 ft) wide and 44 m (145 ft) high, the central nave, with its vault supported by 14 pillars, is one of the world’s biggest.

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