Palma de Mallorca Saint Bernat Procession


One of the most outstanding celebrations to take place in the city of Palma in this year’s programme of summer festivities is the well-known Saint Bernat Procession on 19th August, origin of which dates from the time of the founding of the Secar de la Real Monastery, and during which the pilgrims would travel to the monastery to be blessed and be presented with a gift of basil leaves.

Palma de Mallorca - Saint Bernat Procession

Palma de Mallorca - Saint Bernat Procession

This festivity is one of the oldest traditions of Mallorca, already documented in the year 1232, just shortly after the Catalan-Aragonese conquest of the island and when the first stone of the islands’ oldest religious building was placed. A

uthorities and visitors alike overflow along the path and Saint Bernat square during an evening that according to popular saying is in charge of putting out the suffocating heat of the Balearic Islands summer.

Also on Wednesday the 19th, as of 21:30 hours, the procession will be entertained by traditional dance groups.

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