Parque de Atracciones de Madrid


It is the most comprehensive and modern amusement park in the city of Madrid, with over 40 attractions located in the different areas within the park, where every visitor can find the amusement ride they like best. From challenging Big Dippers to a quiet walk through a natural landscape or areas specially designed for the youngest.

The Park boasts of some twenty entertainment, past-time and show facilities, a covered auditorium, over 30 restaurants and free parking facilities. Amusing passacaglia provide non-stop entertainment along the different avenues and streets within the complex so that there is loads of fun at all times. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Madrid Parque de Atracciones

Madrid Parque de Atracciones

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.
Casa de Campo, s/n.
28011 – Madrid.
Phone: +34 91 463 29 00.

Opening Hours
Every week day from 12:00 to 22:00 hours. Saturdays, from 12:00 to 01:00 hours. Sundays, from 12:00 to 24:00 hours.

* The “walking” ticket allows visitors to access the complex and the “Transfer” entitles visitors to use all the rides.
Adult (aged 7 +)
Transfer: 24.40 euros.
Walk: 7 euros.

Child (aged 3-6)
Transfer: 13.90 euros.
Walk: 7 euros.
Senior citizens (aged 65 +)
Transfer: 13.90 euros.
Walk: 2.70 euros.
Infants (Under 3 years old): Admission free.
Access to complex and use of two rides: 12 euros.
Groups and school groups
Groups (adult/child – minimum 20 people)
Transfer: 19.50 euros.
Transfer + Old House: 22.70 euros.
School groups (aged between 7 and 18)
Transfer: 14.90 euros.
Transfer + Old House: 18.10 euros.
Transfer – Park + Zoo: 21.50 euros.

How to get there
Road: A-5, exit: Parque de Atracciones. Underground: Line 10, station: Batán. Bus: Lines 33 and 65.

Left-object office.
Gift shop.
Event photos.
Children’s buggy rentals.
Medical assistance.
Free car park.
Pay Telephone.
Cash point.
More information:
*Prices and opening hours are for reference only and they are subject to changes

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