San Antonio fiestas


On the Saturday closest to 13th June, San Antonio del Monte blesses the cattle of Garafía in a fair where both Palmeran and foreign cattle breeds compete, as do Pastor Garafiano, the local shepherds’ dog also a wide range of the different local cheeses. Goats, sheep, horses are also included in this fair. This celebration dates from 1925 and thousands of visitors and palmeros meet to enjoy themselves.

San Antonio fiestas

San Antonio fiestas

There is a procession with the images of San Antonio de Padua and San Isidro while the priest blesses the cattle. High arches made of wood and covered almost completely by ferns sign, as improvised streets, the access to the church. The participation of palmeros coming from different points of the island have turned this event, surrounded by perfumes of grilled pork, cheese and vino de tea, in one of the most expected and frequented by the islanders.

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