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Segovia (pop.54, 012) has been compared in poetic imagery with a ship of stone anchored in the sea of cornfields that is Castile. Declared part of the Heritage of Mankind in 1985, the gateway and the symbol of the city is the Aqueduct one of the best preserved monuments of Imperial Rome. The aqueduct was built at the end of the 1st century to carry water to the upper part of the city.

This “skein of stone”, measuring 728 metres in length with 163 arches, is built of stone from Guadarrama, without lead or mortar. Visitors are walking by its three outstanding qualities, simplicity, elegance and grandeur. The best place to start a visit is the Plaza del Azoguejo. Close by is the Casa de los Picos, a mansion whose facade is decorated (and hence the name, with means “House of Diamonds”) with diamond point motifs.

Segovia Alcazar

Segovia Alcazar

Plaza de Medina del Campo, a corner breathing beauty and harmony, has two notable monuments: the Torreon de los Lozoya a magnificently striking building, and the Church of San Martin, highlighted by the Mozarabic elements of its arches and capitals . A few steps farther on is the Plaza Mayor, the heart of the old walled town.

To the left towers the superb Cathedral. This was built in the 16th century after its predecessor was destroyed by fire . Popularly known as “the mistress of all cathedrals”, this was the last Gothic edifice to be built in Spain. The San Frutos door opens into an arrangement of there naves, a transept and an aisled apse. In addiction to various chapels, there is an interesting altarpiece of La Piedad by Juan de Juni dated 1571.

The Cathedral Museum exhibits fine pieces of gold work and a collection of Brussels tapestries. The rocks that mark the western end of the city are topped by the watchful silhouette of the Alcazar.  Although originally dating back to the time of the repopulation of Segovia, the building was reconstructed in 1862 after a devastating fire. One of its rooms houses the Museum of Arms, with numerous exhibits recalling the military past of the fortress.

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