Seville International Theatre and Scenic Arts Festival


Theatre, dance, clowns and circus acts, amongst others, come to different venues in Seville. The aim of the festival is to turn Seville into a real celebration of the arts for a few days. Many shows are organised, combining different arts such as music, drama, dance and humour.

Seville International Theatre and Scenic Arts Festival

Seville International Theatre and Scenic Arts Festival

Escenarios de Sevilla began in 2003 by joining the efforts of private theatre halls in the Sevillian capital with some of the most representative companies in theatre with the aim to promote the development of the Performing Arts in the city and to provide a leisure alternative for the citizens. Since its beginning and thanks to the initial help of the European project MIRA it has taken many steps: joint projects have been developed like BAUHAUS CATEDRALES, LA MIRADA DEL OTRO , organised encounters, forums, debates and this has given the city the INTERNATIONAL THEATRE AND PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL OF SEVILLE (Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes Escénicas de Sevilla) (FEST), a festival that, with giant steps, is consolidating itself in the cultural calendar of the city, aspiring to become in a few years a focal point in the creation of contemporary stages at international level.

Regardless of these events that, nevertheless, are an important means of establishing the performing arts in the city, the theatre halls of Escenarios de Sevilla are not empty spaces, they are spaces full of energy, because they have a stable programme throughout the whole year, each according to its own personality, identity and uniqueness. It is here, precisely, where its wealth lies, in the variety of choice the venues that make up Escenarios de Sevilla have to offer and contribute to the cultural activity of the city in relation to the Performing Arts.

But Escenarios de Sevilla is, especially, a space of interchange, a meeting point to share practices and experiences and is the origin of new networks of cooperation between the different actors from the cultural and artistic development. In this sense and, after five years, the proposed objectives are giving its results. The members of the association, working together within Escenarios, have learned the effectiveness of a joint effort, looking for and securing the consolidation of existing theatre halls and supporting others that have just begun.

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