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Yecla: Virgen del Castillo patron saint’s day fiesta

| April 27, 2012

In commemoration of a former wartime event, when several dozen Yeclano soldiers returned home safe and sound. The townsmen, dressed in frock coats and two-cornered hats, accompany the Virgin up to the castle amid blasts of gunpowder.  From 05/12/2012 to 08/12/2012.
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Blanca Bull running

| April 25, 2012

Running of the bulls in the town’s streets in honour of San Roque.13/08/2012.
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Cartagena Carthaginians and Romans Fiesta

| April 21, 2012

Fiestas that recreate the conquest of Cartagena by the Roman Escipion. A disembarkation commemorates the capture of the city in 209 BC by the Roman troops of Scipio, which leads into a festive week with alternate days devoted to either side. This fiesta takes place in the second half of September and celebrations run for ten days.The marriage of Hannibal and Himilco or the day of the Roman Circus, with gladiators and wild beasts, is followed by the great parade on Saturday, the big day of the fiesta, when all the troops and legions march on the city. From 21/09/2012 to 30/09/2012.
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Jumilla Wine Festival

| April 18, 2012

The fiestas begin with the treading of the first grapes in Jumilla’s Plaza Mayor, which then gives way to a week of festivities and open-air parties, all related to the town’s main industrial activity; wine-tasting competition; wine cavalcade, offering of the first must, and parades of Moors and Christians. From 10/08/2012 to 19/08/2012
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San Javier International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance

| April 15, 2012

The San Javier International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance is held every year in August, in the Almansa Park Municipal Auditorium, in Almansa, Murcia province.
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La Unión Festival del Cante de las Minas

| April 14, 2012

La Unión, in Murcia, is the setting for the world’s most important annual flamenco festival: the “Cante de las Minas” Festival. Song, dance and guitar playing are the three disciplines in an event packed with authentic flamenco, which backs upcoming young artists, and which also features consolidated stars of the genre. The town hosts 11 days of impassioned performances, competitions and lively parties. From 03/08/2012 to 12/08/2012.
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Moratalla Tamborada

| March 17, 2012

This little town in the north-west of the Region celebrates the Passion amid the incessant pounding of drums, which take to the streets on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. From 05/04/2012 to 08/04/2012

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Caravaca de la Cruz: Fiestas de la Santísima Vera Cruz

| March 16, 2012

This fiesta has been celebrated since the Middle Ages and is a mixture of culture, history and legend, where all the locals get involved. It has two main spectacles: the Wine Horses, and the Moors and Christians celebrations. The latter represent the battles that took place between the two sides way back in history. From 01/05/2012 to 05/05/2012.
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Lorca Easter Week

| March 13, 2012

The exceptional originality of Lorca’s Holy Week lies in the succession of traditional processions, with their carved images and penitents, together with a Passion procession in which passages from the Old Testament are enacted, all of this with notable reminiscences of the former festivities of Corpus Christi and baroque religious theatres. From 30/03/2012 to 08/04/2012.
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Murcia The Burial of the Sardine Fiestas

| March 6, 2012

The Burial of the Sardine, the climax of the Spring Festival, is Murcia’s wackiest night of the year. The “Entierro de la Sardina” (Burial of the Sardine) is a traditional parade which normally closes the Carnival celebrations. 14/04/2012.
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