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Toledo Music of the Three Cultures

| April 30, 2012

Toledo , in Castilla – La Mancha, is hosting this old Spanish music festival that merges sounds from different cultures.
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Toledo Corpus Christi

| April 28, 2012

Toledo ’s streets are clothed in finery to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi: a solemn procession which takes place in an atmosphere of singing, the aroma of herbs, and spiritual fervour. Dates from Jun 4, 2012 to Jun 10, 2012.
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Toledo: Encounters in the Jewish quarter

| February 27, 2012

All year round Toledo celebrates a series of encounters which highlight the culture and the Sephardic heritage present in the city. Dates from Mar 9, 2012 to Dec 16, 2012.
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Toledo International Dance Season

| February 23, 2012

The Spanish National Ballet, the National Dance Company and other world-renowned groups are the protagonists of this festival that takes place every year in Toledo. Dates from Apr 21, 2012 to Apr 22, 2012.
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Consuegra Saffron Rose Fiesta

| February 21, 2012

The small town Consuegra, near Toledo, celebrates every year in end October the Fiesta de la Rosa Azafran (Saffron festival). Three days of the weekend are dedicated to the unique spice – the Saffron. This event highlights the importance of saffron and the traditional culture of the Castile-La Mancha Region.
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Talavera de la Reina Las Mondas

| February 20, 2012

The pagan roots of this festival in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) go back to Roman times, to a ritual that worshipped the goddess Ceres, although historically its celebration dates back to the 15th century.
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Toledo International Music Festival

| February 17, 2012

For a little over a month, the historic centre of Toledo , in Castile – La Mancha, hosts several classical music concerts in emblematic buildings such as the El Tránsito Synagogue, the Rojas Theatre and the Caja Castilla – La Mancha Cultural Centre.
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