Tazacorte Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival


In Tazacorte, in the end of September, and as part of the celebrations in honour of Saint Michael and to the music of the song “Vuela, vuela, palomita”, the Caballos Fufos parade takes place. Around 20 horses, made out of cane covered with tissue paper, dance through the streets, led by a giraffe.

Tazacorte Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival

Tazacorte Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival

The horses are lined up, facing each other. Suddenly, their leader, the giraffe’s jockey, gives them a sign to move onwards and backwards, while joking with people. It is believed that this festival dates back from the twenties when Eustaquio Pérez, a villager who had emigrated to Cuba and have invented fufos for a party of Canarian people to take place, went back to La Palma and he carried on with this tradition in his home village, Tazacorte.

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