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Located in Alicante province, Spain, Javea is a well known market town and seaside resort. Its climate is considered one of the healthiest in the world making it a popular tourist location, more so during the winter seasons. The next time you plan to visit Spain, make it a point to include this town in your itinerary. This town is well connected to the rest of the world via Valencia and Alicante airports. Alternatively, one can also visit the same via rail. If you are visiting this place for the first time, you will discover that the town is divided into three distinctive zones… the beach, the port, and the town.

Lovers of Gothic architecture will love to view the whitewashed buildings in the old town that boast of Gothic features. Do not miss out the Gothic Church of San Bartolome. After visiting the church, spend some time checking out the food market, which is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as fresh fish. There are numerous coffee shops where you can take a coffee break. The best option for you, especially if you plan to travel through the town on foot, is to obtain a pamphlet, which provides you with details of what to see in the town.

Javea, Sant Bertomeu church

Javea, Sant Bertomeu church

You can get hold of this pamphlet from the tourist information department in the Church Square (Plaza de la Iglesia). The Javea port is a must visit for those who want to have a first hand view of old ports. This particular port with its yachts serves as a fishing port. Take some time off and enjoy yourself in the open air bars and the open terrace restaurants. Be ready for a surprise, especially if you can time your visit to this place during the first week of September. A special fiesta takes place during that time when local youths tease bulls and then jump into the sea when the bull charges. The aim of this particular sport is to make the bull follow them into the sea.

Javea is also famous amongst the tourists for its pristine beaches and its golden sands. You will find a number of bars and restaurants that serve local delicacies. There are also a number of ice cream parlors which you can try out. If you really want to enjoy the fun of this beach, then time your tour so that you visit it during the months of July and August when it is at its liveliest.

Javea, Ambolo beach,  Costa Blanca, Alicante province

Javea, Ambolo beach

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