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Murcia is the beautiful city that is the capital of a region of the same name. Located near Torrevieja on the Segura river in the southeastern section of Spain, it is located near a plain that provides a perfect environment for vegetable growing, so much so that the city is known as the market garden of Murcia.

There is so much to see and do in this city, that we can only touch upon a few here. One of its most famous landmarks is the Cathedral of the Diocese of Cartagena-Murcia. Although most of the construction of this cathedral was done between 1394 and 1465, it was only completed in 1792. The cathedral is an interesting mix of architectural styles: Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Rococo.

Murcia Cathedral

Murcia Cathedral

The Palacia Episcopal, or Bishop’s Palace was constructed during the 18th century and is located near the Cathedral and is the home of the bishop of the diocese.

One of the most interesting museums is the the Museum of Science and Water. Here you can watch demonstrations or conduct experiments, all dealing with water. The shows and exhibits change constantly, so there is always something new to see. The kids will enjoy this museum’s planetarium.

But despite all of the museums and other attractions of Murcia, the real draw for most people is the sea. Since the city is located on the Costa Blanca, you can be sure of soft white sand beaches and lovely sunny weather to enjoy them in. Besides the Mediterranean, you can enjoy the Mar Menor, a small sea just inland from the Mediterranean.

One of the most popular gathering spots in the city is Glorieta Square. Located in the center of town, alongside the river, it is the location of city hall and a great place to visit. There are many such areas to stroll through and shop in, including market square.

Murcia holds a number of festivals during the year, mostly with religious themes, so they take place on the major religious holidays. Christmas, Easter and Three Kings Day inspire the most elaborate and beautiful ones.

And one of the most popular and dramatic events in the city of Murcia is the Holy Week Processions. Sculptures are actually removed from museums and paraded through town to replicate the walk that Christ took on his way to the Cross. These processions continue night and day, with the night time processions accompanied by candlelight.

Getting to Murcia couldn’t be easier, since there is an airport located only 45 kilometers away, offering flights to an from most major cities. As with travel to any destination, you should compare airfares. You are sure to find great bargains on the Internet, but many times discount airlines do not advertise on the Internet, and you will need to contact a travel agent. It’s always a good idea to shop both and compare rates.

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