Top 5 Tourist Mistakes in Malaga


Given the fact that Malaga has a beautiful weather, sunny beaches, and plenty of narrow streets it should be a highlight in your bucket list this year! Spending a relaxing and fun filled holiday in this city is the goal that most of the tourists have then arrive in this place.

Even if you’re eager to start your vacation in force, spend some time thinking about the mistakes that most tourists make but you definitely shouldn’t:

  1. Tú or Usted?

Learning the locals language is a great idea and your effort will be definitely appreciated by the residents, noticing that you truly want to engage with their culture. Though, be careful at the words you’re using when you talk with people located in Malaga. Don’t use “tú” or “usted” if you’re not completely familiar with them because even if both words mean “you” in English, in Spanish have different connotations.

“Tú” is usually used when you talk with a friend or a relative. Instead, “Usted” can be used when you want to show respect and appreciation to a person. If you accidentally mess these two words you’ll offend the locals. I’m sure that this isn’t your intention so be patient and think before you speak in a foreign language.

  1. Walking in your swimsuit on the streets of Malaga

Even if the city has plenty of beaches where you can relax and get tanned, it’s in bad taste to walk around in your bikini. This is an unwritten rule that should be respected in every country you’re going to in order to not offend the residents. Even if they will seem calm seeing you walking almost naked on the street, they’ll become extremely critic if they see you entering in a store without a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on you. Be respectful and your vacation won’t be harmed by any incidents of this type.

  1. Spending all your time on shopping

It’s nice to go shopping when you’re in a foreign city but don’t push it! Spending several days in shops will leave with no money in your wallet and at the end of your trip, you’ll realize that you actually didn’t do anything unusual. Take your time to visit attractions and spend just a few hours on buying souvenirs for you and your family.

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