Valencia Cinema Jove International Youth Film Festival


The International Youth Film Festival has been held annually in Valencia since 1995. Dates from Jun 15, 2012 to Jun 22, 2012.

Valencia Cinema Jove International Youth Film Festival

Valencia Cinema Jove International Youth Film Festival

The event features filmmakers under 35 years of age, with productions not released in Spain. The festival enjoys Europe-wide prestige in the short films market. It includes film screenings, tributes, retrospectives, round tables, exhibitions and book presentations.

“We are now celebrating the 27th Cinema Jove International Film festival thanks to two firmly grounded bases; the first is, the prestige conferred by the fact the festival has run steadily for twenty six years, a period that has seen its growth, consolidation and the attainment of well-earned respect. The second firm base is that the festival is witnessing and participating in an unstoppable revolution in communications and the media which are affecting all aspects of life, including our understanding of professional relationships; it goes without saying that the world of cinema is not oblivious to this fait accompli (it can not and should not be) in today’s rapidly changing world.

This is why Cinema Jove has taken the first steps to include the presence of new technologies with the help and evaluation of our collaborating partners in this new undertaking. We hope to dynamize social networks and offer: offer online broadcasts, workshops on shooting with mobile phones, filming projects proposed from the networks themselves, the presence of music composers with expertise in videogame creation -and last but not least- reflections on the role of internet on film distribution. These pertinent considerations will have a significant presence in this year’s festival.

We feel that all these questions are essential in a festival that is motivated by an enquiring kind of effervescence and the avant-garde. This is patent when we present films on our official category for feature films (never before première in Spain) as it reflects that courageous and non-pliable stance of new talents in the international scene. It is also patent when the official short film category appeals to the widespread creative freedom that imbues today?s exciting world of shorts. We feel it is the same spirit that identifies Cinema Jove with respect to its followers and the professionals who want to be involved with it; we stress that the programme that has been put together responds to criteria of coherence. We are well aware that we still have some way to go but we feel with satisfaction that we are on the right path, that there is a sense of having made headway with pioneering initiatives in the context of film festivals in Spain.

In addition, Luna de Valencia prize-winners respond in unison with the same vision: Harlan is the essential ally in the exploration of the riskiest dreams and nightmares in film history; Pavlatova inspires creative freshness and transgression, while Gutiérrez projects vitality onto a generation of filmmakers starting in the early 90s and imbuing it with a vision that is both universal and personal. Furthermore, there is no room for convention and clichés in our Future in Cinema section: Carlos Areces is incorrigible in the portrayal of his characters, as he freely moves between different genres and disciplines. Once again, this year, we have the experimental category of Light Cone that seeks to escape the conditioning constraints imposed on products voluntarily designated as commercial.”
Rafael Maluenda Festival Director

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