Valencia Corpus Christi


This is a festival that dates back to 1355 and is centred on a solemn procession in which the Holy Sacrament was accompanied by the authorities and clergymen of the city. They followed an itinerary laid down by the noblemen of the city, most of which is still adhered to today.

Valencia Corpus Christi

Valencia Corpus Christi

The Cabalgata (a mounted parade) or Convite is a more recent development and symbolises an invitation from the Capella de les Roques to the authorities and people of the city to take part in the Corpus Christi procession.

The Corpus Christi procession itself is a kind of a living Bible, involving many of the characters from both the Old and New Testaments. Los Gigantes (the giants) and the Cabezudos (Spanish carnival figures with enormous heads) dance along behind the procession.

During the Corpus festival, there are performances of Entremeses or Misteris (the Mysteries of Christ); Eucharistic plays, based on 15th and 16th century writings, performed in the Valencian language. Las Rocas (huge, decorated carriages and floats) allow the Misteris to be performed at different points on the route. The carriages can be seen at the Casa de las Rocas (close to the Torres Serranos).

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