Valencia July Fair


The first July Fair was held on 21st July 1871, with a colourful cavalcade, pavilions, a botanical exhibition and the sale of all kinds of local products.

Valencia July Fair

Valencia July Fair

Year by year, the celebrations grew. In 1891, the “battle of the flowers” was established: the “battle” takes place on the last Sunday of the festival and is a good-natured event in which women throw flowers from specially decorated floats. For almost an hour, hundreds of thousands of carnations fly through the air, leaving a magical, multicoloured carpet of petals for all to enjoy.

During the first fortnight of the Fair, “El Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Musica” (International Band Competition) takes place. The venues for this prestigious event, begun in 1886, are the Palau de la Musica and the Plaza de Toros .

In the second and third weeks of July, the Plaza de Toros plays host to the Feria de San Jaime, a top class event for aficionados of bullfighting. El Festival de Viveros offers a wide range of shows, from classical ballet, to rock bands, theatre, folk, Romany dance and zarzuela (Spanish light opera).

The July Fair firework displays must be seen to be believed – no expense is spared and the best pyrotechnic companies in the business are contracted to organise the displays.

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