Valencia San Vicente Ferrer festival


Easter week in Valencia is extended with the festivals of San Vicente Ferrer, the Patron Saint of the Valencian Community. Tradition demands a visit to his birthplace, now a chapel, where the children must drink from El Pouet de Sant Vicent (St Vicente’s Well) in order that they “learn to speak at an early age, don’t suffer tonsillitis, don’t take the Lord’s name in vain and don’t blaspheme”.

Valencia San Vicente Ferrer festival

Valencia San Vicente Ferrer festival

During the festival, children re-enact the miracles of San Vicente on alters/stages erected in the thirteen neighbourhood areas of the city. These performances take place under the ever-watchful eye of the Saint whose image overlooks each of the platforms.

The oldest altar/stage for the enactments dates from 1561 and is set up every year next to the Pouet de Sant Vicent.

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