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Founded by the Phoenicians, Malaga, situated 370 kilometers to the south of Alicante, is the second largest city of Andalusia. Apart for its architecture, it is also famous for its gastronomical delights and for its nightlife. It is the best bet for those who love fiestas and have an attraction for folklore.

Lovers of sports, especially golf, will have their hands full, playing their favorite games at the various golf courses found around this city. Not mentioning about Costa de sol would be a great injustice, because tourists from all over the world visit Malaga, just to see this beach. This city is also the birthplace of the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.

Major tourist attractions:

Alcazaba: This Muslim fortress and palace, that was built in 1057, lies at the bottom of a ridge overlooking the city. The sight of its fountains and beautiful gardens along with the remnants of a Roman theater never fails to fascinate tourists. It is also the home to an archaeological museum. Atop that ridge lies Gibralfaro, an old Muslim castle.

Castillo de Gibralfaro: Built by the Phoenicians, this fortress was originally a palace. It was converted to its present state during the 14th century by Yasuf I. It lies close to Alcazaba and two of its towers connect to the same via ducts.

The Cathedral: Your visit to this city will remain incomplete unless you visit the Cathedral. The construction of this prominent limestone building, which lies on the Plaza de la Cathedral, begun in 1528, at the initiative of Diego Siloe and Pedro Lopez. Several interruptions took place during its construction and even today, its southern tower is incomplete. This is why the Spanish refer it as `la manquita’, which means `the missing.’

Picasso Museum: Hundreds of art lovers visit this museum, which lies at the Palacio de Buenavista and is dedicated to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Art lovers should also check out Plaza de la Merced 15, the house where this famous son of Malaga was born.

Museo de la Casa de las Muñecas: Located close to the Plaze de la Merced, this museum exhibits more than 50 unique miniature dollhouses.

Centro de arte contempráneo de Málaga: This museum, dedicated to contemporary arts, lies in close proximity to the old public market and in the city center

Museo interactivo de la música: A treat for lovers of music, this museum exhibits more than 300 musical instruments from different cultures, countries, and eras. It is considered the biggest of its type in Europe.

Malaga Harbour: This busy commercial harbor lies on the south of the city.

Fairs & Fiestas: Malaga is famous worldwide for its fiestas that include fancy dress and music festivals. Enjoy fun and dancing with the locals at the Carnival, celebrated each year, during the month of February.

Flights, trains, car, and bus services connect Malaga to the rest of the world. This city also boasts of a wide range of hotels, suitable for all types of budgets. It is famous for its fried fish, considered the best in Spain. Vegetarians will relish the organic beers and wines along with the pasta-based dishes, available only at the Cañadu located on Plaza de la Merced 21.

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