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San Sebastian sits pretty on the southern coast of the Bay of Biscay and to the north of the Basque Country. Its picturesque sun-kissed beaches allure tourists from all parts of the world, but this is not just all. It would be a crime not to mention about its lively, friendly people, and its pretty scenery.

These things apart, the city is also famous worldwide for hosting major music and film festivals, along with its universally acclaimed cuisine. Discuss with the locals about the folklore of this city and time & weather permits, check out its heart-throbbing ski races.

San Sebastian old town view

San Sebastian old town view

Tourist attractions:

The Beaches: No trip to this city can be complete without visiting its three beaches: Zurriola, Concha, and Ondaretta. Enjoy an idyllic day off on these beaches relaxing, swimming, or sunbathing. Enjoy dinner on the seashore while viewing the nightlife of the city.

The Aquarium: Do not forget to take your kids along with you to the aquarium, famous for its large collection of subtropical fishes. You need to venture to the second floor to view the enthralling naval museum that boasts of a whale skeleton it its center. The glass tunnels provide visitors with a feeling that they are passing through the depths of the sea with different types of underwater fauna and fishes all around them.

The Cathedral Buen Pastor: At 75 meters, this ancient Neogothic cathedral rightly boasts of being the tallest structure of the city. Those who have an interest in the fine arts will love the interiors of this cathedral. Do not forget to check out the panoramic view of the city from atop this structure.

Plaza de toros: Bullfights is synonymous with Spain and if you are interested in viewing the same, this is the correct address. Enjoy the fun along with the crowd while the toreos (as the bullfighters are collectively known), go in for the kill. For the uninitiated, the corrida de toros means Spanish style of bullfighting.

Visitors should also check out other places of interest like The Old Quarter, Alameda del Boulevard, Plaza de Gipuzkoa, Chillida Leku, and the Naval Museum.

San Sebastian, Concha bay beach

San Sebastian, Concha bay beach

Festivals: Every year, during January, everything else comes to a halt in San Sebestian. It is time for the annual La Tamborrada drum parades. Tinker Day, held in February, is next in line. Beer lovers will enjoy the popular Beer Fest, celebrated in June every year. Visitors from all over the world throng to this city during July for the San Sebestian Jazz Festival, known locally as Jazzalida. The San Sebestian International Film Festival is another popular function that takes place every September.

Transport: Airlines, trains, buses, and cars connect this city with the rest of the world.

Weather: The temperature is neither too hot nor to cold, making this city a tourist’s paradise.

Food & Drinks: Gastronomists will enjoy eating the local and international delicacies in restaurants like the Alameda, Arraunlari, Casa Nicolsa, and many others.

Accomodation: There is no dearth of accommodation with pleanty of hotels like the Maria Christina Hotel San Sebastian, the Hesperia Donosti Hotel San Sebestian, the Avenida Hotel San Sebestian, and many others.

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